What is this ?

“I create immersive audiovisual experiences into some unexplored aesthetic worlds”.

In a world where the reality is accelerating, time becomes a rare and precious thing. More and more we need some moments ‘out of the flux’ to live some immersive experiences, connect to the beautiful, make the ‘fertile void’ and then have a better reconnection with the world.

I am working on creating images and spaces where this experience is possible. I think digital art can come out of museums to have a more direct role in people’s lives (Third places, inspirational spaces…)


Algorithmic textures

Some images created for the exhibition ‘A.I Self-Portraits’.

Electric images

I this series, I tried to reproduce the electric images produced by our retina when our eyes are closed.

Infinite machine

Random generation of electronic circuits. Like the appearance of life, there is an infinitesimal chance that one of them can be able have a function.

Fractured vision

Photographic experimentations.


A series of illustrations for video live projection for the band Front 242.

Font design

Some of my latest fonts.